Summer Guide to a Rodent-Free Outdoor Party

Summer Guide to a Rodent-Free Outdoor Party

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Want to enjoy your summer outdoor party without uninvited guests? Try these helpful tips from EcoClear.


It’s officially summer, and with Independence Day around the corner, you are probably already planning your outdoor events. While wildlife is a part of the outdoors, it doesn’t need to be a part of your next outdoor event. For this reason, before all of your friends, family, and neighbors arrive, you’ll want to make sure you have a rodent action plan on your to-do list this summer. 

Rodents and other wild animals are always in search of food and water, which is why your next outdoor event might attract uninvited guests. After all, snacks, barbecue, and delicious food and crumbs will draw in not just your guests–but also raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, and other wildlife.

Busy frantically planning your event and don’t know where to start when it comes to rodent solutions? Moving your guests and food indoors would solve your problem, but summer is all about enjoying good times with good people outdoors. Our experts at EcoClear have gathered some helpful tips to make your outdoor events a hit with the guests and not the rodents. 

Clear up your yard and outdoor spaces. A clean yard will deter animals from making an appearance at your next party and will also give them fewer places to hide. After setting a date for your next event, survey your space. Make a list of things that need to be taken care of before setting up for the festivities. 

Clean up any yard debris and rid yourself of any trash or miscellaneous junk piles that might turn into a hiding space for critters. Ensure that your garbage can lids remain tightly closed! You’ll want to keep your trash cans on the perimeter of your party when not in use. Keeping your lawn mowed and trimming any vegetation off the ground or away from housing or structures will also help keep the wildlife away while simultaneously creating a welcoming environment for guests.

Add outdoor lighting to the parameters of your outdoor space or wherever wildlife may enter, such as around waste disposal cans. Motion-activated lighting will create better lighting at night for your party attendees while also deterring wildlife.

Discourage pests from entering your backyard space by adding scents that repel wildlife. Herbs such as lavender, peppermint, or rosemary will smell pleasant to you and your guests, but they will deter rats, mice, and other rodents. Rats and mice rely heavily on their sense of taste and smell in order to survive, so placing aromatic herbs and plants in spaces where you want to keep rodents away will help keep your outdoor party critter-free. 

Take care of your rodent removal needs. Are you trying to plan your summer parties with an existing rodent infestation? Rats, mice, voles, and moles love making homes out of your lawn and garden and getting rid of them before you host outdoor events will be crucial. No one wants to attend an outdoor celebration with unwanted rodents, and you also don’t want to use products in your yard that are harmful to people or family pets. 

To take care of your rodent problems, use a solution that is fast, easy, safe, and effective. Rely on EcoClear Products for your rodent control needs. 

For naturally derived rat and mouse control, choose RatX® or MouseX®. When used as directed, RatX® and MouseX® Pellets are effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control. Safe for use around cats, dogs, and children, place these easy-to-use pellets around landscaping, near livestock or poultry housing, or under buildings or garden structures.

For naturally derived vole or mole control, choose VoleX® or MoleX®. VoleX® is safe for use around crops, orchards, vineyards, pastures and greenhouses. Apply to lawns and gardens, on golf courses, under greenhouses, in abandoned or active vole tunnels, or anywhere you see signs of vole activity.

MoleX® is ready-to-use with no mixing or spraying required. MoleX® is safe for use around trees, plants, and shrubs. When used as directed, MoleX® is landscape-safe. Place MoleX® according to package instructions in visible mole tunnels in lawns, ornamental gardens, flower beds, and non-crop grassy areas.

RatX®, MouseX®, VoleX®, and MoleX® are all safe solutions for use around people and pets without the risk of secondary poisoning. For existing infestations, you can rely on these products to get your outdoor space ready for summer celebrations without worrying about the use of conventional poisons.

Plan ahead. Remove temptation by storing food indoors until it’s time to serve. Planning ahead and making sure that you keep serving dishes covered will not only help keep food warm and free of bugs but also can keep the rodents away. Alternatively, you could always serve food indoors and allow guests to eat outside. Whether you choose to serve indoors or outdoors, keeping your food properly covered and sealed will help keep pests and rodents away. Make sure you clean up as you go and store food indoors in airtight containers after your event ends or as soon as everyone finishes eating. 

Tidy-up afterwards. Properly disposing of waste or any remains – including what’s in your trash cans will help keep the critters away after your event. Remember, rats, raccoons, and squirrels are always looking for leftovers and will get themselves into anything that is left out, including the trash. The last thing you’ll want to do after a party is clean up trash strewn about your yard the next day because there was tempting food or containers in the trash. Be sure to throw away all food-related trash, including containers and foil, and secure your trash can lids. 

Summer is a time to enjoy outdoor celebrations, and putting these practices in place will ensure you have an enjoyable time without dealing with unwanted rodents. Now that you have a checklist and know how to best prevent and rid yourself of rodents, all that’s left is for you to enjoy the festivities!