Summer is in full swing! Along with soaring temperatures and storms comes the important task of ensuring your lawn and garden stays pest-free and healthy! After all, summer is for enjoying the outdoors. EcoClear Products has gathered some helpful information on how to keep your lawn and garden free from mites, grubs, nematodes, and more this season. 
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Is your lawn not looking as full as it usually does? Are you noticing brown spots or missing grass? You may have a pest problem. While some lawn pests are easy to spot, various invasive insects can ravage lawns undetected until the turf begins showing damage and decay. 

Grubs and Nematodes

Two common but tricky to identify pests are grubs and nematodes. Below is an in-depth guide to identifying these two pests and a comprehensive guide on safely removing them with Stop Bugging Me! Lawn and Garden and Stop Bugging Me! Nematode Control. 

Among the more elusive insect lawn pests are grubs, the larvae of scarab beetles hatched several inches within the soil under the turf. Grubs feed on grassroots and often damage turf to the point where it begins peeling from the soil. 

Signs that you may have a grub infestation include:

  • Thin, yellowing, dead grass
  • Irregular brown patches
  • Because grubs cause root damage, your grass will pull up easily
  • Increased activity of animals that eat grubs such as moles, which will dig in your turf in search of food. Although animals consume grubs, you should always check for other signs of activity first before starting treatment.

brown spots on grassIf you suspect that your lawn damage is due to grubs, your next step would be to inspect the soil. Finding a small number of grubs should not be a cause for concern; a healthy turf should be able to withstand a few grubs hatching and feeding on the roots. However, if you find a large amount and see the above signs, you should take corrective action. When inspecting for grubs, survey areas that are suspicious, pull back a square foot area of turf to expose the soil and inspect the turf and soil for grubs. The general recommendation is that if you find more than a half dozen grubs per sample area, you should take control measures; less than that should not cause concern and is considered normal. 

Nematodes, also known as roundworms, are plant-parasitic microscopic organisms. They are a diverse species and inhabit a broad range of environments. Nematodes can be difficult to distinguish from one another, and the number of species changes rapidly over time. Nematodes are in nearly every ecosystem, from saltwater to freshwater, soil, polar and tropical regions, and high and low elevations.   

As plant-parasitic nematodes feed, they destroy plant root systems, reducing their ability to get water and nutrients from the soil. For turf, this makes it more susceptible to drought and other stressors. Symptoms you may see resulting from a nematode infestation in your lawn are yellowing, wilting, browning, thinning, or patchy grass. In extreme infestation cases, grass will die, but more commonly, the grass will thin, and other weeds will become more prominent. Since nematodes are too small to see without the aid of a microscope, there are occurrences you can look out for to know if your turf or plants are infested with plant-parasitic nematodes:

Below ground signs include: 

  • Root knots or galls 
  • Root lesions 
  • Excessive root branching 
  • Injured root tips 
  • Stunted root systems  

      Above ground signs include: 

      • Slow decline of the plant 
      • Wilting even with proper watering 
      • Yellowing foliage
      • Fewer and smaller leaves  
      • Stem swelling  
      • Shortened internodes 
      • Dead bud and leaf tissue  

          Other lawn insect pests include aphids, gnats, chinch bugs and mole crickets. Short of spotting these insects in the flesh, the best way to identify them in your lawn is to look for irregular browning, slow growth, or other damage.

          lawn and garden product with produce box

          If you’re dealing with an insect pest problem, you will quickly find numerous pest control options available on the market today. Unfortunately, many of these options come with many unwanted side effects. Professional pest control services, though frequently effective, are often quite expensive and impractical for many budgets. Common insecticide treatments (both commercial-grade and store-bought varieties) often contain toxic chemicals that can cause harm to people, pets, and wildlife. If you are looking for a way to save your lawn without putting those on your property at risk, you will need an alternative. At EcoClear Products, we have your solution.

          Our line of Stop Bugging Me!® pest and insect control products are designed for maximum effectiveness and eco-friendliness to give your property the best of both worlds during lawn pest treatment. Containing only naturally derived ingredients, Stop Bugging Me!® is the first broad-spectrum pesticide formulated under federal guidelines for renewable bio-based products. Safe for people, pets, and wildlife, it’s perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. For broad-spectrum lawn pest control and prevention, we recommend Stop Bugging Me! Lawn & Garden Outdoor Pest Control®.

          This eco-friendly and highly-effective insecticide agent is capable of controlling and preventing not just only grubs but also the following insect species:

          • Fleas
          • Chiggers
          • Mites
          • Japanese Beetles
          • Scorpions
          • Carpet Beetles
          • Ants
          • Mole Crickets
          • Ticks
          • Gnats
          • Aphids
          • Chinch Bugs
          • Flies
          • Flying and Biting Insects


          nematode control product in a grassy lawn

          Formulated with cinnamon oil and geraniol, Stop Bugging Me!® Nematode Control is naturally derived. This product is suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and farming applications.

          Now you can target these destructive nematodes with an effective ready-to-use spray that is safe for use around people, pets, livestock, and wildlife. It kills harmful nematodes—and nothing else. Stop Bugging Me! Nematode Control® is fast, easy, and cost-effective. With our product, you never have to go through the hassle of removing non-resistant plants from your garden, and you can skip out on using dangerous chemicals that may destroy living plants and ornamentals in your lawn and garden.