Cleaning solutions


SteriCide® is for use as a detergent cleaner , deodorizer , disinfectant , fungicide , sporicide and sterilant on non-porous hard surfaces in commercial , hospital , and medical environments.

This product is suitable for use as a sporicide and sterilant on most hard non-porous materials.

• Suitable for use as a Detergent Cleaner, Deodorizer, Disinfectant, Fungicide, Sporicide* and Sterilant.
• A Sterilizer is an antimicrobial pesticide that destroys or eliminates all forms of microbial life in the inanimate environment, including bacterial spores.
• SteriCide is an effective broad-spectrum hospital or medical environment disinfectant against gram- positive and gram-negative bacteria.


System-6® is a novel single-component cleansing system developed to deliver unsurpassed cleaning performance in the most demanding janitorial and housekeeping applications. When using theSystem-6® dispenser(sold separately), 6 preset blends operate at the touch of a button to automatically measure, mix and dispense a ready to use cleaning solution. This means you can easily tailor your specific cleaning application, using your existing water source on site.


SteriSan®-C is a unique concentrate formulated to disinfect and sanitize pre-cleaned hard surfaces.

Suitable for commercial or industrial use and safe for use on food contact surfaces.

When used as directed, SteriSan®-C sanitizes previously cleaned:
•Conveyors, peelers, slicers, and saws for meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables
• Plastic, glass, or metal bottles and cans
• Laundry in commercial, hospitality, institutional and industrial operations.