molex safe for use around people and pets


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8 oz.

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When used as directed, specially formulated MoleX® controls against common species of moles without harming pets, livestock, wildlife, or people.

To use, place in areas used by moles for feeding. Formulated using naturally derived ingredients*, MoleX® Pellets will cause acute environmental stress to moles, causing them to abandon their tunnels and search for a new habitat.

Ready-to-use with no mixing or spraying required, MoleX® is safe for use around trees, plants, and shrubs. When used as directed, MoleX® is landscape-safe. Place MoleX® according to package instructions in visible mole tunnels in lawns, ornamental gardens, flower beds, and non-crop grassy areas. Not for use above ground.

For safe, efficient & effective mole control when used as directed, choose MoleX® Pellets.

Additional information:
- Naturally derived* mole control
- Safe for use around livestock & pets when used as directed
- Perfect for both professional & DIY use
- EPA minimum risk pesticide
- Protected by 3 U.S. and 2 Global patents, other patents pending

*Garlic, white pepper, citric acid

50 lb. bags and 2000 lb. Super Sacks for commercial or agricultural use are available directly from EcoClear Products and through distribution.


*When used as directed

Safe for use around livestock & pets when used as directed.

Formulated for outdoor use. Perfect for both professional & DIY use.