RatX® Bait Discs
RatX® Bait Discs
RatX® Bait Discs
RatX® Bait Discs
RatX® Bait Discs

RatX® Bait Discs

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Size:8 lb. (case of 2/4 lb.)
Pickup available at 5581 Broadcast Ct Usually ready in 24 hours

RatX® Bait Discs

8 lb. (case of 2/4 lb.)

5581 Broadcast Ct

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

5581 Broadcast Court
Sarasota FL 34240
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RatX® Bait Discs are ready-made rat control discs that are perfect for use in our RatX® bait stations or similar outdoor bait boxes. Weather-resistant, RatX® Bait Discs are perfect for sheds, barns, or any area exposed to more extreme weather conditions.

Our patented blend of food-grade ingredients presents an attractive taste and scent to draw rats, making them the choice of professionals and homeowners alike.

RatX Bait Discs are formulated with natural ingredients blocking thirst signals in rats. Once they eat the bait, rats gradually stop wanting to eat or drink. This leads them to dehydrate and eventually die.

For pest control that’s simpler and safer than ever, RatX Bait Discs are the perfect choice.

Additional information:

• Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Naturally Derived* Rat & Mouse Control
• Safe for Use Around Livestock & Pets When Used as Directed
• Perfect for both professional & DIY use
• EPA minimum risk pesticide
• Patented mechanical kill system requires no conventional poisons
• Protected by 3 U.S. and 2 Global patents , other patents pending

* Corn gluten, Sodium chloride


Safe for Use Around Livestock & Pets When Used as Directed.

Patented Mechanical Kill System Requires No Conventional Poisons.

Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use. Perfect for Both Professional & DIY Use.

How RatX® works

Step 1

Rodents naturally intake 10% of their body weight per feeding; consuming 4%-6% of the rodent’s weight is lethal for the pest.

Step 2

After intake, the rodent no longer has the ability to drink, leading to dehydration.

Step 3

Without the ability to drink water, dehydration continues, leading to kidney failure and unconsciousness.

Step 4

The rodent dies in its sleep.

Step 5

The Sodium Chloride continues to dehydrate the rodent from the inside out, mummifying the animal and eliminating the moisture and foul odors.