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MouseRid® Pellets

MouseRid® Pellets (Canada Only) - 500 grams

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Size:500 grams

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Introducing MouseRid®, a scientifically formulated pellet to safely eliminate rodents. MouseRid® is effective against all species of mice and rats and safe for humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.

MouseRid® is an easy to use, naturally derived, safe approach to controlling mice and rats. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution. Using eco-friendly ingredients, MouseRid® is safe even if accidentally ingested by pets, livestock or wildlife. MouseRid® is even safe to birds of prey with no risk of secondary kill.

Available Sizes Include:

• 500 Grams


Safe for Use Around Livestock & Pets When Used as Directed.

Patented Mechanical Kill System Requires No Conventional Poisons.

Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use. Perfect for Both Professional & DIY Use.

How MouseRid® works

Step 1

Rodents naturally intake 10% of their body weight per feeding; consuming 4%-6% of the rodent’s weight is lethal for the pest.

Step 2

After intake, the rodent no longer has the ability to drink, leading to dehydration.

Step 3

Without the ability to drink water, dehydration continues, leading to kidney failure and unconsciousness.

Step 4

The rodent dies in its sleep.

Step 5

The Sodium Chloride continues to dehydrate the rodent from the inside out, mummifying the animal and eliminating the moisture and foul odors.