Safe for Use Around Livestock & Pets When Used as Directed.

Patented Mechanical Kill System Requires No Conventional Poisons.

Formulated for Outdoor Use. Perfect for Both Professional & DIY Use.


Step 1

Moles naturally intake 10% of their body weight per feeding; consuming 4%-6% of the rodent’s weight is lethal for the pest.

Step 2

Moles have a very weak respiratory system. The garlic, pepper and citric acid attack their respiratory system.

Step 3

The citric acid will cause acute
environmental stress to moles, causing them to abandon their tunnels and search for a new habitat.

Step 4

The continuing attack of their
respiratory system leads to causing respiratory distress and ultimately, death.


To use MoleX®, first use a device such as a shovel or broom handle to create small hole in any subsurface mole tunnel found in your yard. Taking care to not crush the identified tunnels, place one (1) ounce of MoleX® pellets fully into the tunnel and cover the hole using a rock or small piece of turf. Be sure that the tunnel is sufficiently blocked. This will help ensure that the odor of MoleX® will reach moles underground. Repeat application every 6 to 8 feet of each active tunnel. Repeat after 14 days if mole activity is still present.



Moles are small mammals that live primarily underground. Small and cylindrical-shaped with short, soft fur moles use their powerful forelimbs and large paws to dig tunnels through which they travel and spend the bulk of their time. Moles feed eat underground bugs such as grubs, earthworms, and a number of other insects.


There are hundreds of distinct mole species in existence. Though each and every one of these mole species has its own distinct appearance, there are several unifying physical characteristics between all moles. These characteristics include:

•Cylindrical bodies & velvety fur
• Very small, inconspicuous ears & eyes
•Reduced hind limbs & short, powerful forelimbs with polydactyl paws adapted for digging
• Higher carbon dioxide tolerance suited for underground breathing
• Adult body lengths of 4 to 7 inches


Mole prevention involves using substances to deter moles from digging their tunnels in a given area. To this end, certain substances work better than others. When it comes to dealing with moles in your yard, there are a number of things you want to consider before investing in a control/prevention solution. Firstly, you want to be sure that the product you choose actually works as advertised. Many store-bought products and DIY remedies that purport to ward off moles do little in the areas of control or prevention. Others still can be environmentally damaging or lethal if ingested by pets of wildlife. This leads us to our second consideration: eco-friendliness.

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