affordable, effective, eco-friendly solutions 

ranging from pests Control to cleaning Products

EcoClear offers customers affordable, effective, eco-friendly solutions ranging from pests to cleaning. 

EcoClear produces products that are:

- Non-toxic

- Environmentally friendly

- Safe for use around people, pets, and wildlife

All of our products are made in the United States, and EcoClear is considered an EPA minimum risk pesticide protected by 3 U.S. and 2 Global patents.

EcoClear has the solutions you need, ready to order. 

If you are looking for a company that uses naturally derived ingredients, safe, eco-friendly products, and real results from satisfied customers, choose EcoClear. 

EcoClear is a company dedicated to producing 

effective solutions that are safe for use around

 People, pets, livestock, and wildlife.

At EcoClear, we provide consumers and professionals alternatives to harmful chemicals found in products such as pest control or cleaning solutions. Unlike others on the market, our products are safe, effective, and readily available. Other products needlessly use toxic chemicals, whereas EcoClear does not. You can rest easy knowing that our products are a no-risk and non-toxic solution to be used around homes, businesses, schools, or wherever they are needed. 





EcoClear produces solutions ranging from pest control to cleaning that are naturally derived, non-toxic, and require no use of conventional poison without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Awarded with four presidential awards, our team of expert chemists share a passion for “green” chemistry and use their experience and knowledge to produce superior results. 

EcoClear is your safe, effective, non-toxic solution for your needs, ranging from pest control to cleaning. 

Scientifically proven effectiveness without the use of conventional poisons.

EcoClear products are your best solution and are safe for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment.