Do you have a mouse or rat problem on your property? Have you tried traps, baits and poisons with limited success? If these questions apply to you, RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant from our extermination experts at EcoClear Products may be your perfect solution. Made from a synthetic pheromone attractant, RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant can be sprayed onto chemical baits and mechanical traps to lure rats and mice. Safe for people, pets, and all other wildlife, this eco-friendly chemical solution is perfect of indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant, and add this powerful and environmentally-friendly extermination solution your arsenal today!

RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant: How it Works

There are a couple of things that attract rats and mice. One is food, the other is rats and mice of the opposite gender. RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant makes use of both of these attractors by mimicking a species-specific mating pheromone that users can add to existing (often food-based) traps. RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant works twofold in luring rats and mice away from other food sources and instilling confidence in mice and rats to approach mechanical traps and chemical baits, thus making these traps much more effective.

Features and Benefits of RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant

RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant helps other rodent extermination products work to their full potential. This spray provides mice and rats with a readily-recognizable scent that replicates another animal’s presence, thereby reducing their fear and caution when approaching foreign food and objects. Composed of all-natural ingredients, RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant is 100% safe for people, pets, and wildlife. (Note that this spray only attracts rats and mice. It does not attr Certified food grade, it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Learn more about how to use RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant in the section below.

How to Use RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant

If you have mechanical traps or chemical baits around your property that just aren’t doing the trick, don’t despair. These traps just need a little extra appeal to effectively catch and exterminate mice and rats. That’s where RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant comes in. A simple and easy-to-use spray, RatX Rat & Mouse Attractant™ coats existing traps with a safe, synthetic pheromone attractant to lure rats and mice more effectively than ever.

Using RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant couldn’t be easier. Simply spray your trap with 1-2 pumps from the sprayer at a distance of 4-6 feet away. RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant is highly concentrated, so more sprays won’t be necessary unless no results are observed. In cases such as these, add an extra 1-2 sprays after 2-3 days.

To ensure maximum efficacy when using RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant, be sure to remove all other food sources around your bait and traps. You’ll also want to be sure that you’re placing traps in the correct locations to begin with. (Look for small holes or gaps in your walls and floors.

These are hot spots for rodent nesting and movement around your property.) Check your traps regularly to make sure that they are working. If they are not, spray again and consider relocating them to other locations on your property.

If you have questions about how to properly use RatX® Rat & Mouse Attractant, please don’t hesitate to contact our manufacturing team here at EcoClear Products directly. Our team of highly-trained and friendly pest control professionals will be happy to assist you.

Where to Buy RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant

RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant can be purchased Online and in-store at certain retail locations. Use our Store Locator to find at RatX® carrier near you.