Are you dealing with pests inside your home or on your property? By taking proper pest control measures, you can effectively treat and prevent pests of any variety outdoors and indoors. We’ve provided pest control tips and tricks for a number of pest species, including bed bugs, rodents, lawn pests and more. We’ve also provided a short guide and FAQs with answer about our comprehensive line of eco-friendly pest control products. Read on to learn more, and take control of your pests with our solutions here at EcoClear Products today!

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic arachnids that feed on human blood and make their homes in bedding, furniture, and other indoor objects and areas. Learn how to spot a bed bug infestation and then get rid of bed bugs for good with these tips.

Dust Mite Control

You can’t see them, but they’re probably making you sneeze! Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that thrive in humid, dirty conditions and feed on shed human skin. Learn how to identify, control, and prevent these microscopic space invaders with these tips.

Lawn Pest Control

You’ve worked hard on your green grass. The last thing you want are lawn pests eating away at your hard work. Learn how to keep pests off your lawn by following the steps below.

Garden Pest Control

Whether they crawl or fly, pests in the garden can mean major trouble for all of your hard work. Garden pests such as aphids, Japanese beetles, and nematodes feed on garden plants and flowers, leaving gardens ravished if uncontrolled. Learn how to get rid of these pests in your garden.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents in your home or business can mean major problems for your property and those within it. Stop destructive and disease-carrying pests in their path with these mouse control and rat control tips.                                                                                             

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  • What is unique about EcoClear's pest control products?

    The pest control products designed by our engineers here at EcoClear Products are both eco-friendly and highly-effective. While many products pose serious risks to people, pets, and the environment — and others still are ineffective at treating pests in the first place — our products are proven to eradicate pests without posing any risks to people, pets, and the environment.

  • Is pest control with EcoClear Products pest control solutions safe for children?

    Yes — unlike other products on the market, all of the pest control solutions in our product line are formulated with natural ingredients that are 100% to use around children.

  • Are pest control chemicals harmful to pets?

    Many pest control products on the market today contain ingredients that are harmful to pets. These chemicals include anticoagulants, bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and zinc phosphide. Our products are free of these harmful chemicals and 100% safe to use around pets.

  • How does EcoClear Products pest control work?

    Our pest control products use naturally-derived ingredients to exterminate pests without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals. Our special all-natural formulations have the added benefit of extra attractiveness for baiting (in the case of our rodenticides) and extra-repelling performance (in the case of our insecticides). Above all, our naturally-derived products are 100% biodegradable and safe to use around people, pets, and wildlife.

  • What are the best pest control methods?

    The best control methods are those that work without causing extra damage to your property or posing health risks to those on it. Choose eco-friendly and highly-effective EcoClear Products for your pest control needs.


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