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MouseRid® Pellets (Canada Only) - 500 grams

MouseRid® Ready Trays (Canada Only) - 4 Pack

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Safe for use around People, Pets, Livestock & Wildlife


For Indoor Use

Patented Formula

Controls Rats and Mice

How MouseRid® Works

1. Introduce MouseRid® into the environment
The rat/mouse gets used to it. They trust it. And then, they eat it.

2. MouseRid® blocks the hair-like receptors in the rodents digestive system
These receptors tell them they're thirsty. So once they're blocked by MouseRid®, the rat/mouse no longer has the desire to drink.

3. Their kidney fails, causing death in 3-5 days
The dehydrated rodent is mummified from the inside out, so it never smells.

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