Frequently Asked Questions
How much MouseX® does it take to kill mice?
Between 10 - 15 grams per mouse. To encourage consumption, other sources of food should be cleared away. Be aware that MouseX® cannot work as effectively if the mice have access to other food sources.
What is MouseX® made out of?
MouseX® is made of corn, gluten meal, and sodium chloride
How does MouseX® work?
It coats the lining of a part of the rodent’s lower gut. This coating of the “fine hairs” in the lower gut, called villi, disrupts the message system to the rodents brain causing it to stop drinking. This leads to dehydration, blood thickening, kidney dysfunction, coma and eventual death.
Is MouseX® harmful to wildlife?
No, MouseX® is safe for use around all wildlife. MouseX® is also safe for use around birds of prey as there is no risk of secondary kill. A hawk, eagle, or other raptor that eats a rodent who has ingested MouseX® will not be harmed.
What would happen if my cat or dog ate a mouse killed by MouseX®
Nothing, because MouseX® contains no poison, there is no risk of secondary poisoning. Cats and dog are perfectly safe as are horses, poultry and other farm livestock. It is the same for birds of prey.