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Pests in any business can cause major issues for productivity, sanitation, and overall reputation. However, few industries are hit harder by pest problems than the restaurant industry. That’s because restaurants have the worst of both worlds. On the one side, their high concentration of food and shelter make them the perfect hotspots for bugs, rodents, and other pests. On the other side, their very mode of business — serving food to other people — makes having pests absolutely devastating for the health of their patrons and the success of their enterprises overall. If you are a restaurant owner dealing with pests, or a restaurant owner looking to keep your enterprise pest-free, you need a solution that really works.

Here at EcoClear Products, our eco-minded engineers have developed several product lines designed to control and prevent pests in commercial restaurant settings. On this page, we’ll talk about pests in restaurants — common pest species, what causes them, and how to prevent them — and we’ll also spend time showing just why our products are the right choice for pest control and prevention in any restaurant. Read on to learn more, and shop eco-friendly pest solution with us today!

What Causes Pests in Restaurants?

Most pests are after the same basic things that all life forms are after: food and shelter. Restaurants have both in spades. As an indoor, climate-controlled space with large quantities of food being stored and prepared at all times, your restaurant is, by default, the ideal home for a number of pest species. However, certain bad habits and structural problems can make one restaurant much more susceptible to pest infestations than another.

On the structural side, holes in your walls, roof, or foundation can serve as perfect entry points for pests, particularly of the rodent variety. (Insects and other bugs can come in through open doors or windows, and even on the bodies of patrons. Preventing them is really comes down to keeping your restaurant clean.) Inspect your premises regularly to find holes, cracks, and other gaps that may be letting unwanted restaurant invaders. Hire a professional or use caulk to patch them up as quickly as possible.

Certain bad habits that can lead to pest problems in your restaurant include not properly storing food, and not regularly or diligently cleaning your restaurant. It’s no secret that pests love food, and when that food is easily accessible because it has been improperly stored or just left out altogether, pests’ jobs become that much easier. For a similar reason, not properly cleaning your restaurant can lead to more frequent and serious pest problems. Dirty areas are ideal for nesting pests of any size. In the case of bugs, a thorough sweep, mop, and spray down can be enough to stop any trace invaders from surviving the night in your restaurant. Learn more about preventing pests in your restaurant in the following section.

Restaurant Pest and Rodent Prevention Tips

Want to keep pests out of your restaurant without having to resort to professional control? Follow these preventative tips:

  • Clean Regularly: Cleaning all surfaces of your restaurant regularly will remove any trace food sources that can attract pests. It will also help kill off any insects that may have found their way into your property during the day.

  • Cover and Securely Store All Food Sources: Keep all canned and packaged goods securely covered and stored away in fridges, freezers, and pantries. Empty garbage cans whenever possible, and keep them closed whenever they are not being used.

  • Close Doors and Windows: Open doors and windows can attract in bugs, rodents, and other pests from the outside world — not least because your restaurant likely smells good! Keep these potential entrance ways closed whenever possible, and consider investing in screens for the hotter months in the kitchen.

  • Repair Holes in Your Roof, Walls, and Foundation: Holes in the exterior of your building are perfect entry points for pests. Inspect your building regularly to find any holes, and have a professional in your area repair them as quickly as possible. If you’re opting for the DIY route, caulk is great quick fix. (Steel wool can also be used to stop rodents in the short term.)

Things to Consider When Investing in Restaurant Pest Control

When following the above prevention tips isn’t enough, you’ll need to invest in pest control to take care of pests as quickly and effectively as possible in your restaurant. Here are a few factors you should consider before investing in any pest control product or pest control business in your area:

  • Effectiveness: Cleaning all surfaces of your restaurant regularly will remove any trace food sources that can attract pests. It will also help kill off any insects that may have found their way into your property during the day.

  • Eco-Friendliness: Toxic chemicals are never a good thing — especially in restaurants where food is constantly being prepared. You’ll want to choose a pest control product that is safe to use around people and fresh food.

  • Cost: Pest control is an absolute essential for any restaurant dealing with pests — but it shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Build a budget and choose a solution you know you can afford.

  • Discretion: Pests can be damaging for a restaurant’s reputation. Unfortunately, so can conspicuous pest control. A team of pest control professionals and a truck parked in front of your restaurant can deter potential customers. Opt for discretion wherever possible.

Restaurant Rodent Control With EcoClear Products

Dealing with mice or rats in your restaurant? Our team here at EcoClear Products has your solutions. Our engineers have developed several eco-friendly and highly-effective rodenticides designed to lure and exterminate rodents in restaurant settings. For mice, we recommend our MouseX® products — available in both pellets and MouseX® Ready Trays. For all rat species, we recommend our RatX® and RatRid® product lines. Our RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant spray can be used to increase the odor and attractive potency of MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid® rodenticides. What separates our rodenticides from other products on the market today is their overall effectiveness and unparalleled eco-friendliness. Made from all-natural ingredients that both attract rodents and humanely exterminate them, our MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid® rodenticides are  biodegradable and safe to use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife. These rodenticides also have a 25b Classification, meaning that it has no special requirements for transport, handling, storage, or disposal.

Restaurant Bug Control With EcoClear Products

In addition to our eco-friendly and highly-effective rodent control products, we also carry a number of insect and bug control solutions ideal for use in restaurant settings. To kill existing bugs on contact and deter new bugs from entering your restaurant, we recommend our Stop Bugging Me!™ insecticides. Made with all-natural ingredients and designed for lasting control and protection, our Stop Bugging Me!™ insecticides are biodegradable and safe to use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife. They can be used for the successful control and prevention of a number of insect and bug species, including: flies, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, and more!

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Restaurant Pest Control Products