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There are few things worse for hotels and motels than pests. Not only do pests pose significant health concerns for everyone working and staying at hotel and motels — they can also quickly ruin the reputation of these businesses, whose very success depends on the safety and satisfaction of their guests. If you are dealing with a pest problem in your hotel or motel, you’ll want to take action immediately to protect your business, your property, and those within it. On this page, our pest control experts here at EcoClear Products will give you tips on preventing and treating various pests species in your hotel or motel. We’ll also give you information on our very own easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and highly-effective pest control solutions. Keep your hotel safe with EcoClear Products today!

Importance of Pest Control in the Hotel Industry

There are a number of different types of pests that can infest hotel rooms. Some of the most common include rodents such as rats and mice, which can find their way into your hotel through holes and cracks in your exterior and cause damage through rampant chewing and the spread of a number of diseases. Insects such as cockroaches and flies also frequently infest hotels. Flies and cockroaches are both attracted to odors emitted from foods and other organic matter These hardy hotel invaders will often find their way into hotels on the luggage or clothing of guests. They will also slip through open doors, windows, or cracks in your hotel property to find food sources and shelter.

Perhaps the most famous (and feared) of all hotel pests are bed bugs. These parasitic arachnids feed exclusively on human blood and make their homes wherever their hosts (us humans) frequent. Hotels are prime locations for bed bugs because of their large concentration of humans — nearly all of which sleep overnight, which is when bed bugs feed. Hotels are also susceptible to bed bugs simply because the attract new guests from widely varying areas each and every day. These guests may be carrying hitchhiking bed bugs, unwittingly bringing infestations with them to their hotel rooms.

Hotel Pest Control Procedures to Prevent Rat and Mouse Infestations in Your Hotel

Rats and mice will infest hotels for a number of reasons, but most boil down to food and shelter. If your human guests find your hotel amenable, these small rodents certainly will. And while you can’t take away the shelter that your hotel provides, you certainly can take measures to stop rodents from accessing it. Most commercial rodent infestations begin because rodents find their way indoors through open windows, doors, or cracks/holes in a building’s exterior. Make sure entrances to your hotel — most importantly, your lobby — aren’t wide open when they don’t need to be. Close windows in your kitchen, and always close up docks after loading. Inspect your building routinely, and fix any holes or cracks you encounter.

Inside your hotel, you’ll want to remove any easily-accessible food sources. This means closing up trash cans and dumpsters, vacuuming carpets regularly, and never leaving food out overnight. Should rodents find their way into your hotel, they won’t last long without food.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Of all the pest that can plague hotels, none are more feared than bed bugs. These tiny parasitic arachnids are not only incredibly inconvenient — they’re also quite common in hotel settings due to diverse sets of guests staying overnight. Further, bed bugs are quite small and tough to detect with the naked eye. To ensure that your hotel staff find these pests before your guests do, you’ll want to perform regular inspections. You’ll want to grab a magnifying glass and flashlight to spot bed bugs (which are only 2 – 5 millimeters in length), as well as and the EPA’s wallet-sized bed bug ID printout to help you know exactly what you’re looking for on your search. Check all surfaces of your bed, your carpet, your furniture, and other cool, dark, cramped places in each hotel room.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Preventing bed bugs in your hotel can often be easier said than done. The main reason for this is that nearly all bed bug infestations are caused by hotel guests, not the negligence on the part of hotel owners or staff. Guests bring bed bugs in, and infestations begin. You can’t exactly screen your guests for bed bugs before checking them in, so you’ll need to take other measures to prevent bed bug infestations from taking hold in your hotel.

For the most part, this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of housekeeping. Whether you clean the rooms in your hotel or have a cleaning staff, you’ll need to make sure that whoever is cleaning your rooms is paying special attention to bed bugs. This means checking sheets, furniture and carpeting for any signs of bed bugs. It also means routinely spraying preventative spray like our very own Stop Bugging Me!™ For Bed Bugs spray and treating your laundry with anti-bed bug additives like our highly-effective Stop Bugging Me!™ Laundry Additive to keep sheets and other washables as clean as possible.

Using EcoClear Products for Pests in Your Hotel, Inn or Bed & Breakfast

Have a pest problem in your hotel? Our team here at EcoClear Product has your solution. We’ve already covered how you can use our Stop Bugging Me!™ products to tackle bed bug infestations — but did you know that these products can also be used to treat and prevent a host of other bug pests in your hotel pests? That’s right: Stop Bugging Me!™ sprays and Stop Bugging Me!™ Laundry Additive can be used to control and prevent a wide range of insect and bug pests, including ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies, fleas, and more.

We also have a wide range of high-performing products engineered to effectively and humanely exterminate mice and rats. For mice, we recommend our MouseX® products — available in both MouseX® Pellets and MouseX® Ready Trays. For rats, we recommend our RatX® and RatRid® product lines. Our RatX® Rat and Mouse Attractant spray can be used to increase the odor and attractive potency of MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid® rodenticides.

Each and every one of our pest control solutions here at EcoClear Products is made from all-natural ingredients and safe to use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife. This makes our products great to use in hotels where foot traffic tends to be quite high. Easy-to-use and discreet, our pest control products are also a great choice for hotel owners looking to effectively treat and prevent pests without drawing attention to extermination.


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