Searching for a humane and highly-effective mouse and/or rat extermination solution for an infestation on your property? Check out RatX® Bait Discs from our eco-friendly extermination team here at EcoClear Products. USA-manufactured with naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients, RatX® Bait Discs are readymade for efficient, effective and safe rodent extermination both indoors and outdoors. (No more portioning! Simply place discs at target areas and you’re good to go.) Not only are they attractive to mice and rats — they also facilitate a painless extermination experience for these rodents, making them the clear choice for those who prioritize humane pest control. RatX® Bait Discs are both eco-friendly as well as incredibly effective at exterminating rats and mice without causing harm to people, pets, livestock and wildlife. Read on for more information on these excellent extermination products, and order yours online or in-store today!

Why RatX Bait Discs®?

With so many pest control products on market today, it can be difficult to know where to start. Naturally, you want a product that works as advertised and actually the eliminates pests it says it will eliminate. You might also want your product to exterminate pests humanely with minimal to no damage to the environment. As a final benefit, you want your extermination solution to be as easy to use as possible. If all of these features are essentials for you, RatX® Bait Discsare the right choice for your mouse or rat problem.

Highly-Effective Rat Extermination

As far as effectiveness goes, the RatX® formula passes with flying colors. That’s because RatX® products like RatX® Bait Discs are formulated with naturally-derived ingredients that attract mice and rats. Once consumed, RatX® works to kill mice and rats as humanely and painlessly as possible. Active chemical compounds coat the stomach lining, blocking all messages to the brain telling the rodent to drink water, leading to dehydration and eventual circulatory system failure. (For the rodent, this progression feels like nothing more than simply falling asleep to due fatigue.) Depending on the amount of RatX® consumed, most mice and rats will die between 2-4 days after initial consumption.

Safe for Humans, Pets, and Other Animals

As mentioned above, RatX® products like RatX® Bait Discs are safe for people, pets, livestock and wildlife. They are even safe for birds of prey and other predators with no risk of secondary kill. (Note that RatX® is only effective at exterminating mice and rats. It cannot be used as a means of extermination for other rodents such as gophers, squirrels, moles and voles.) RatX® also contains active ingredients that facilitate a fast-acting mummification process of mouse and rat bodies, reducing odor by as much as 90%. As an added benefit, RatX® has a 25b classification, which means it has no special requirements for transport, handling, storage, or disposal.

RatX® Bait Discs: Ready-made Extermination for Indoor and Outdoor Use

RatX® is available for purchase in two forms: pellets and discs. RatX® Bait Discs are ready-made, consumable discs that can placed anywhere where mice or rats frequent for fast, easy, and humane extermination. Already pre-portioned and manufactured to hold up as-is in both outdoor and indoor settings, RatX® Bait Discs make rodent pest control simpler than ever.

Pellets can be portioned to fit the dietary requirements of both mice and rats and can be placed into a number of tight places. However, pellet pre-portioning is a step that many pest control professionals or property owners would rather not have to take. Plus, pellets must also be protected in cling wrap or pre-packaged in RatX® Ready Trays.

How to Use RatX® Bait Discs

Follow these usage guidelines to get the most out of your RatX® Bait Discs. Using RatX® Bait Discs to exterminate rats on your property is incredibly simple. Place the discs in areas with high rodent traffic until they are no longer consumed, and watch your rodent problem disappear.

To help you ensure that your RatX® Bait Discs are working the way they’re supposed to, we’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for usage:


  • Read all instructions before using RatX® Bait Discs

  • Make sure all nearby food sources are removed before placing discs

  • Keep the product dry at all times. (This is increases its effectiveness.)

  • Place the product in holes and runs frequented by rats and/or mice

  • Place trays 10 feet apart in the infested areas (5 feet apart in high-infestation areas)

  • Re-visit, re-survey and re-fill target regions to ensure that all rodents have eaten


  • Don’t underestimate the amount of rodents present. (Instead, continue filling the area until discs are no longer eaten.)

  • Don’t use RatX® alongside any other foods to try and attract rodents

  • Don’t expect the product to be eaten immediately. Even with all other food sources removed, it may take a while for the rodents to get used to the new, unfamiliar boxes or trays you have placed.

  • Don’t store RatX® Bait Discs in damp areas. Though they are manufactured for all-weather use, significant moisture can hamper their effectiveness.

Where to Buy RatX® Bait Discs®

RatX® Bait Discs can be purchased Online and in-store at The Home Depot. Use our Store Locator to find a RatX® carrier near you.