Why you should use eco-friendly pest control

Why you should use eco-friendly pest control

In 2022 there are limitless options for pest control. Not only are more people gravitating towards DIY pest control, but at the click of a button, it can be delivered straight to your door. You may wonder why it's important to choose eco-friendly pest control. Are there any advantages to green pest control, and is it just as effective? As an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious brand, our green experts at EcoClear Products are here to answer these questions for you and provide you with reliable, effective, green pest control. 
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Eco-Friendly is Safer

Pesticide and rodenticide poisoning isn’t rare. Not only are these chemicals dangerous for humans, but they are also dangerous for pets and animals. Rodenticide poisoning in pets is common, especially during the upcoming winter months when rodents seek warmth indoors. Ingestion of the rodenticides or the rodent can cause bleeding, seizures, or even death. Insecticide poisoning is dangerous for pets, too; solutions like ant baits, bug sprays, or other yard products can seem enticing to your family pet.

Anticoagulant pest control is especially dangerous to people, pets, and wildlife. Anticoagulants are chemicals often mixed with palatable food and left out for rodents to feed. They can get divided into first and second-generation agents that disrupt the ability of blood clotting function and cause the rodent to bleed internally. Second-generation agents have higher concentrations of poison. Secondary contamination happens when rodent remains are consumed, tampered with, or caught by your family pet or child. The consumption of these products or rodents can result in health risks and even death. 

This form of pest control is also dangerous for wildlife and the environment. Often, the poisoned rodents become consumed by predators looking for easy targets, such as owls, hawks, snakes, etc. As a result of this consumption, the animal becomes sick and either dies, passes the poison on to their young, or becomes an easy target for other predators. 

A study done in California has revealed some shocking statistics. Rodenticides have shown up in 79 percent of fishers (a small carnivorous mammal), 78 percent of mountain lions, 84 percent of San Joaquin kit foxes, and in one county, 92 percent of raptors. Similar contamination levels are found in other states and even other countries around the world. 

Besides the extreme effects of exposure, any amount of exposure to traditional pesticides can be dangerous and cause irritation both to the eyes and skin, damage the central nervous system, and induce nausea. The ingredients found in traditional pesticides are highly toxic when ingested or inhaled, and even exposure can cause irritation. Many cities have huge rodent problems, so banning rodent control isn’t an option, but choosing safe, environmentally friendly control is. 

Lower Carbon Impact

Of course, you care about the safety of those around you, your pets, and wildlife. Another overlooked benefit of switching to eco-friendly options is that they lower the overall carbon footprint by contributing fewer greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. A great environmental conservation reason to make the switch is that, unlike traditional products, you don’t need to consider the effects of contaminating water runoff and soil quality. 


Besides being just as effective as traditional pesticides, botanically-based products can achieve better long-term results. The added convenience of not having to leave the premises while using plant-based treatments is a huge benefit. Often, especially with rodent control, you leave the area you are treating, remove food, and potentially cover up furniture. Eco-friendly pest control also removes the worry of children or pets finding, tampering with, or consuming products and bait left around the house. Even if you place the products in hard-to-reach areas, rodents, for example, will often move, take with them, or disperse the product around. 

More Humane

No one wants to have to deal with getting rid of rodents. An added benefit to eco-friendly control options is that they are more humane. Traditional rodenticides, such as Warfarin, Bromadiolone, or Brodifacoum, cause slow and painful deaths for the animals. They die through internal bleeding, and it takes as long as 3 to 10 days for death to occur. The length of time it takes for death to occur also means that they continue to feed on the bait for a while, and it builds in their system, poisoning anything that feeds on the poisoned rodent.

Longer-Lasting Results

Tolerance is another issue when using traditional rodenticides. Some rats and mice become Warfarin resistant, and more of the chemical must get used to eliminate the pest. You also need to take into account the long-term efficacy. If rodent control services deploy the use of dangerous traditional rodenticides, you might see great initial results. The problem is running into the potential of taking out predators that keep rodents in check, resulting in a reinfestation a year or two later. 

Using Eco-Friendly Products 

At EcoClear Products, we provide consumers and professionals with excellent alternatives to harmful rodenticides and insecticides. Our products are safe and effective and eliminate the risk of secondary kill. The chemists on the EcoClear Products team are passionate about creating innovative products and have four presidential awards for “green” chemistry. They have vast experience in pesticides, rodenticides, detergents, food supply and much more. 

Rodent Control

Our line of rodent control for rats, mice, moles, and voles is all formulated using naturally derived ingredients. When used as directed, they are effective for indoor and outdoor rodent control and safe for use around people, pets, livestock, wildlife, and the environment. Our rodent control products are listed as an EPA minimum risk pesticide, and our patented mechanical kill system requires no conventional poisons. 

Pest Control

We also offer non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control options ranging from lawn and garden control to lice, bedbugs, and dust mites. Stop Bugging Me! pest control offers chemical-free pest control solutions that are safe to use around people, pets, livestock, and wildlife. Our naturally-derived formulas are efficient, effective, and easy to use. 


We can’t avoid the need for pest control. Rats and mice specifically can cause health and safety issues for you and your family and must be taken care of. Instead of filling your home, business, yard, or farm with dangerous toxins that threaten the safety of people, pets, and wildlife, choose green, environmentally-friendly products to achieve the desired results without the danger.