The Importance of Using Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

The Importance of Using Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

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Whether you are dealing with a pest infestation or simply trying to clean up around the house, the importance of using eco-friendly products in your home cannot be overstated.

Using eco-friendly products in you home, ecofriendly pest control

Eco-friendly products are, by definition, products that are not damaging to people, pets, and the environment at large. Using them in your home can help save those under your roof from exposure to toxic chemicals found in common cleaning agents, pest control sprays, and other household products. Using eco-friendly products will also help save the environment from degradation at the hands of other harmful ingredients. In this guide, our team here at EcoClear Products discusses the importance of using eco-friendly products in the home. Below, we’ve compiled tips and insights from some of the industry’s leading experts on eco-friendly home care. We’ve also provided information on our very own eco-friendly pest control products for treating and preventing rodents, insects, and other invasive pest species. Read on to learn more about the importance of using eco-friendly products in your home, and shop eco-friendly pest control products with us today!

Problems With Common Home Products

A number of home products on the market today contain ingredients that can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment at large. In the pest and rodent control industry, products such as rodenticides often contain anticoagulants, zinc phosphide, and sodium borate. As far as cleaning products go, the problem is much more widespread and insidious. As experts at Earth’s Friends, an eco-friendly living website, write: “Taking a look at the back of any commercial cleaning bottle will reveal warnings against inhalation and mixing one product with another. These warnings are in place because inhalation can cause significant health concerns, from asthma to burning in the lungs, and mixing chemical products can result in a serious, sometimes, fatal reaction.” Try as many homeowners might to heed these warnings, the unfortunate truth is that inhalation of cleaning products in the home is often unavoidable during use, and mixing can occur by accident.

In fact, data from the American Association of Poison control shows that a staggering 91% of poison exposure for people occurs in their own homes. This suggests that the poisons to blame for the bulk of poison exposure are the chemicals in the household products we use. The solution? Ditch these harmful, chemical-laden products in favor of eco-friendly alternatives.

The Many Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

ecofriendly products for pest control

Using eco-friendly products in you home can have a myriad of benefits for the people and pets under your roof, as well as the environment at large. Read on for reasons why going eco-friendly is the right move, as told by the industry’s leading experts.

Using Eco-Friendly Products Keeps Pets and People Safe

For children and pets in your home, using eco-friendly products ensures safety — even in the event of accidental contact or consumption. As Jessica Haggard, an expert from the popular blog Primal Edge Health, notes when using eco-friendly home cleaning products: “I can enlist the help of my toddler (bless the little girl – she thinks cleaning is fun!) and not have to worry about chemical contact with her eyes, skin or mouth. If it spills, no big deal.”

Using Eco-Friendly Products Improves Indoor Air Quality

As noted in sections above, many common household products contain chemicals that can pose health risks if inhaled. When used consistently, these products can degrade the overall air quality of your indoor space. Poor air quality can, in turn, lead to a number of health concerns for children and adults, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, increased risk of respiratory disease, heightened cancer risk, and more. Opting for eco-friendly products instead of common commercial cleaning products can greatly improve your indoor air quality and thus the overall health of those in your home. In the words of The Cleaning Authority, a leading blog on safe and sustainable cleaning:

“If you have ever gone to use a regular cleaner and recognize the strong scent, it is most likely the smell of a chemical coming through and into the air. This can be dangerous for all those in the home. By changing to a green cleaning product, homeowners can protect the health of all those inside the home from harmful chemicals.”

Using Eco-Friendly Products Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

earth friendly logoThe benefits of using eco-friendly products in your home extend far beyond your house itself. Eco-friendly products are far better for the environment than their commercial counterparts, making them the right choice for wild flora, fauna, and the environment at large. As The Cleaning Authority writes: “With every spray of a regular cleaning product, harmful chemicals are spread through the air. These can affect anyone around breathing it in. By choosing green cleaning products, people can help reduce the amount of pollution that is entering the air and impacting the environment.”

Airborne chemical problems aren’t the only ones that can be solved by making the switch to eco-friedly products. As Earth’s Friends reports: “Research from the U.S. Geological Organization has shown that around 66% of streams test positive for the presence of disinfectants. 70% of these streams test positive for substances that were once present in detergents.” This shows that water (and soil) are being polluted by chemicals used in commercial cleaning products. In these cases, the dumping of chemicals down our drains or into our garbage bins is to blame. One of the most prolific chemical culprits is the synthetic agent triclosan. As Caleb Backe, a representative from Maple Holistics, an industry-leading green cosmetics producer, reports:

“Triclosan is one of the most common synthetic antibacterial and antifungal agents that is present in many of the industry’s top-selling products. Unfortunately, triclosan isn’t broken down by water processing. This means that it gets washed down the drain and deposited into the environment where it contaminates nearly everything it touches.”

By choosing to use eco-friendly products that do not contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan, you can help protect the air, the water supply, the soil, and the environment at large. This will not only pay dividends for people around the world—it will also help ensure that the Earth remains healthy for generations to come.

EcoClear Products: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

With increasing awareness of the negative impacts of common household chemical products, as well as innovations in the manufacturing industry, there have never been eco-friendly product options to explore. As Skyline Clean, an eco-friendly cleaning company based out of Madison, WI notes: “Thanks to innovation in the industry, new cleaning products are available that have eliminated or reduced the use of potentially harmful chemicals, such as ammonia and acid. By using these new products, you provide a health benefit to the building, employees, and the cleaning staff.”

In the area of pest control, our team here at EcoClear Products is proud to offer a wide range of eco-friendly and highly-effective products designed to treat and prevent pest infestations of all kinds both indoors and outdoors. Designed by our industry-leading engineers and made from naturally-derived, 100% biodegradable ingredients, our products are completely safe to use around people, pets, livestock, and wildlife. Explore our website to learn more about our pest control solutions, and use our Store Locator to find an EcoClear Products retailer near you!