Hurricane Season Pest Control

Hurricane Season Pest Control

Storms often provide new entry points to your home or business, and with excess water produced by the storm, pests will surely come out during the aftermath. EcoClear Products has gathered the information you need to know to protect your home or business from pests during hurricane season. 

Beginning in June and lasting through November, there is no way to avoid the flash rains and storms that hurricane season brings. The National Weather Service estimates that an average of 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes, form over the Atlantic Ocean. You’re likely already preparing your home and business for these five months, but don’t forget about pest control!



During times of increased rainfall, it's a guarantee that you will see an increase in mosquito populations. Mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water, so heavy rainfall is a perfect breeding opportunity. To keep your property as mosquito free as possible, you will want to remove any water that has gathered. Items such as buckets, empty containers, old tires, and areas that collect stagnant water like puddles, bird baths, or trash bins should be emptied, removed, or dried. Mosquitos also thrive in warm weather, so the warm summer storms provide the perfect breeding grounds. Hotter weather also increases transmissible diseases, so staying on top of mosquito treatment is a must. 



Instead of raining cats and dogs, you might find that hurricane season rains rats and mice! Rodents will typically seek refuge indoors during periods of excess rain. Rats build their nests in dry, warm areas, so during months of heavy rainfall such as hurricane season, they may be looking to invade your home for warmth, shelter, food, and water. Rats also have the incredible ability to tread water for days at a time and are generally resilient creatures. You do not want them infesting your home during the five-month-long hurricane season. They reproduce quickly and require warm, dry places to nest, which means your home is the perfect spot during the rainy season.



Flies can often quickly become out of hand during hurricane season due to the trash and other debris that may be strewn around in the aftermath of a hurricane. To make matters worse,  flies tend to mate and breed after storms. Their larvae require moist conditions making the aftereffects of a rain shower perfect. Flies quickly spread germs, and once they infest your home, it can be hard to remove them. Because they contaminate what they land on, this could cause hurricane season to be more stressful due to lower food resources in the event of a storm. 

Tips for your property

Inspect your home for structural issues

When preparing for hurricane season or a storm, you must remember pest control on the checklist. Although you will be preparing for high winds and heavy rain, you should also consider the various pests that could enter your home. Check for cracks or holes that insects or rodents can fit through, and make sure to repair or cover any damaged screens. When the storm ends, and it is safe to do so, you should also recheck your home for any new gaps, cracks, or damage. 


Keep food waste outside

In the event of a power outage, dispose of food that goes bad in a sealed bag outside as soon as it is safe. Never leave spoiled food inside your home; this may attract flies which like to breed on or in rotting items. You should also promptly remove any food waste or clutter to avoid inviting rodents looking for their next meal. 


Eliminate standing water 

Standing water will quickly bring mosquitoes to your home. After a hurricane, storm, or rainfall, be sure to overturn items in your yard that have collected water. Mosquitoes spread diseases and germs, so it is crucial to take precautionary measures before and after rainfall. Mosquitoes only require approximately half an inch of water to breed, so besides places to empty like trash cans and bird baths, check things like clogged gutters and flower pots to empty collected water. 

How to Treat the Pests with EcoClear Products

RatX®  Pellets, Ready Trays, and Throw Packs

RatX® comes in different varieties to fit your every need. You can choose from pellets, throw packs, or ready trays to solve your rodent problem fast.


When used as directed, RatX® Pellets are effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control. This product is safe for use around people, pets, and wildlife. You can place these easy-to-use pellets around landscaping, near livestock or poultry housing, or under buildings or garden structures.


RatX® Ready Trays are premeasured bait trays—a new approach to effectively killing rats and mice in homes, barnyards, industrial buildings, livestock areas, or anywhere unwanted pests live. RatX® Ready Trays provide the same power and effectiveness as RatX®, with all the convenience and ease of use of a traditional trap. Just peel off the bait tray cover and set the RatX® Ready Trays where you see rat or mouse activity.


For hard-to-reach areas like rat or mouse burrows, trust easy-to-use RatX® Throw Packs. Formulated using naturally derived ingredients, RatX® Throw Packs contain a measured dose of RatX® pellets, effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control. The bag is made from biodegradable and compostable cellophane—easy for rats and mice to chew through. With RatX® Throw Packs, you don’t even have to see your target, just toss a Throw Pack where there’s evidence of rats or mice and let RatX® do the rest.


RatX® works from the inside out to exterminate rats and mice, then dries them out after death to reduce odor by as much as 90%.

Stop Bugging Me! Fogger

Stop Bugging Me!® Multi-Action Fogging Solution effectively kills and repels mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, and spiders with a dry, airborne fog. This unique fog deposits minute levels of active ingredients to control both airborne and landed insects.


Stop Bugging Me!® Multi-Action Fogging Solution is especially useful for controlling and eradicating mosquitoes. We recommend our plant-based formulation for flower beds, trees, and grassy areas, but you can apply it to standing water and puddles. This product is not for indoor home use but can be used in unoccupied barns, stalls, etc. Must NOT be applied directly to people or animals but is otherwise safe for use around people and pets.


Although you can’t prevent hurricane season or rainfall in general, there are things you can do before and after the storm to put a stop to the headache of dealing with unwelcome rodents, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. As you go through your checklist, don’t forget to “pest proof” your home. Turn to the safe and effective products you can trust from EcoClear Products to solve your hurricane season pest issues.