How to Eliminate Pests and Bugs at Schools

How to Eliminate Pests and Bugs at Schools

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How to Eliminate Pests and Bugs at Schools

Pests, the age-old issue was plaguing us for hundreds of years. We often think about pests in our homes, but there is one commonly overlooked issue—pests in our schools. But what pests could be there, and why is it important to get rid of them safely? Let’s find out. 

Common Pests in Schools

Pests have been an issue for society since the dawn of time, but little thought is often given to the pests in our schools. While this may seem like a trivial issue, for our children, it isn’t (1). 

Pests are one of the most significant contributors to our children’s ill health, especially regarding asthma. The types of pests in schools are not similar to the ones in our homes. The most common pests seen in schools include (2):

  1. Rodents, such as mice and rats
  2. Outdoor insects, such as bees and wasps
  3. Indoor insects, such as dust mites, borers, and termites
  4. Parasites, such as fleas, mites, and lice

Why Are They a Problem?

The issue with pests in our schools is significant, and they tend to have a substantial impact on our children’s health. 

Several investigations show that children react to rodents, cockroaches, and even dust mites. When pests are present, their feces increase the concentration of major allergens in the carpet and air. One such allergen is the mouse allergen Mus m 1 (3).

This allergen is known to cause significant allergic reactions in children repeatedly exposed to it, including the development of major respiratory diseases, like asthma, and even severe reactions, such as anaphylaxis. 

This is a result of their immune systems being kicked into overdrive. When there are increased concentrations of pest allergens in the environment, such as a classroom, the production of antibodies, such as IgE, goes into hyperdrive (4). Over time, this drives the immune system to remain in a state of alert, resulting in an allergic response. 

This has dire consequences for our children, with up to 40% developing persistent and uncontrolled asthma and significant respiratory deficiencies that follow them throughout the remainder of their lives (5). 

Why Is It Important to Find a Safe Method of Getting Rid of Them?

It is essential to control pest infestations to avoid significant future health consequences; however, how we treat them is crucial. 

It is no secret that there has been public concern around the potential health impacts of the use of pesticides and rodenticides. This is exemplified in our schools. Research has shown that the use of these devastating chemicals can impact the development of children (6). While in childhood, your kids are incredibly vulnerable to the environment around them; this includes things that are physical, chemical, and psychological (7). 

The risk of pesticide poisoning is significantly elevated in children in the USA, with children of 5 years old being the most considerable portion of these cases (8). While acute poisonings can be readily treated, the more dangerous, and often undetected, poisoning is related to chronic exposure.

Pesticide poisoning can have substantial impacts on children’s chances of developing certain types of cancers (9), the development of neurological or neuro-behavioral issues (10), and the concentration of hormones in their bodies (11).

Because of this, it is incredibly important to remove pests safely. So what can you use?

What Can You Use Safely?

This is where EcoClear’s RatX™ and Stop Bugging Me!™ come in. For rodents, the safest and most humane method of control in our schools is EcoClear’s RatX™. Using sodium chloride and gluten wheat meal, EcoClear has created the perfect product to both decouple the brain and stomach as well as dehydrate the rodents so that they pass away peacefully.

The ability to dehydrate rats and mice through decoupling the brain and stomach is what makes it so safe, and it is unique to rodents, making it safe for use around your children. 

For insects, EcoClear’s Stop Bugging Me!™ is your one-stop broad-spectrum insecticide that will control any infestation while remaining safe. While remaining highly effective, the use of essential oils reduces the level of toxins found in several other commercial insecticides, meaning Stop Bugging Me!™ will be safe for you and your children.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of pests in our schools is not just desirable; it is crucial for our kids’ health. However, how we get rid of them is just as important. Exposure to chemicals present in many harsh pesticides and rodenticides can be just as damaging as the pests themselves. This is where EcoClear’s RatX™, MouseX™, and Stop Bugging Me!™ come in.

While getting rid of pests quickly, these products are the epitome of being safe, keeping our kids out of harm’s way, and getting them back to enjoying school.