3 Problems That Rodents Cause in Office Buildings

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Running a business is already hard enough—the last thing you need is a rodent problem.

Rats, mice, and other small mammalian invaders in your office building or other commercial location can cause a host of issues that affect more than business and bottom lines. These disease-carrying pests pose a number of health risks for your employees, as well as structural risks to your building as a whole. Even one rodent in your professional space can fast turn into a full-scale infestation. If you spot rat (or mouse), you’ll want to take action immediately. In this guide, our team here at EcoClear Products discusses 3 central problems that rodent infestations pose to office buildings and other commercial locations. We also provide information on our eco-friendly and highly-effective rodenticide products—great for use in homes and businesses alike. Read on to learn more, and shop with us today!

Structural Damages

Structural damages are first on our list of problems caused by rodent infestations in professional spaces. You might not think that pests as small as rats or mice can do much in the way of demolition and destruction—but you would be wrong. Rodents of all species are prolific and powerful chewers. Once they’re made themselves at home in your office building, they can and will gnaw through everything from wood to plastic, leaving unsightly holes, bite marks, and debris wherever they please. This can quickly give your business an unprofessional appearance and can invite even more rodents to make their homes in your professional space. But the problems don’t stop there.

The damages caused by rodents’ chewing and burrowing extend far beyond the realm of appearance. If left untreated, rodent infestations can pose serious structural risks to your building as a whole. Rodents are more than capable or chewing through load-bearing wood beams, walls, ceiling components, and other objects that are crucial to your building’s overall structure. Damages to these fixtures pose serious safety risks for your employees and patrons—and they can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair and replace. Image result for rodents in office

Disease Risks

Speaking of safety risks, rodent infestations also pose a number health-related concerns for those in your commercial space. These four-legged mammalian pests are infamous disease-carriers—and an infestation in your building can quickly lead to a serious outbreak of illness among your employees and patrons. Rats and mice can carry and directly transmit several diseases, including Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rate-bite fever, and Salmonellosis. Rats and mice can also carry and transmit a number of diseases indirectly through insects such as fleas and ticks. These diseases include the plague, Colorado tick fever, and Cutaneous leishmaniasis. These conditions can lead to a number issues in the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems in humans and can, in some cases, be fatal.

Productivity Problems

Last on our list of problems caused by rodents in office buildings isn’t so much one problem as it is a set of many. For brevity’s sake, we’ll call them “productivity problems.” Rodents in your office or other commercial location can through a big wrench in how you conduct operations on a day to basis. For one, rodents can scare your employees and dissuade them from coming into work. (Who wants to catch a potentially life-threatening disease, anyway?) For this same reason, rodents can also scare off potential customers. To make matters worse for you, scared customers can spread word of your infestation around the community, stalling business on a much larger scale. For this reason alone, it is important to treat rodent infestations in the professional setting as quickly as possible—because the only thing that spreads faster than a rodent infestation is word of a rodent infestation.

Rodents are also capable of destroying things that are vital to your day-to-day operations. If IT is important to aspect of your daily business, you’ll be displeased to know that rodents can and will chew straight through cords of any size and thickness. They’ll also steal papers to make their nests. Somewhere along the line, you’ll end up losing valuable information—either in digital form or in print.

Prevent Rodent Infestations the Right Way With EcoClear Products

Now that you’re more familiar with the many problems that rodents can cause in office buildings and other professional properties, you likely have an even better understanding of why fast and comprehensive extermination is an absolute must. Unfortunately, not all rodent extermination solutions are created equal. Many baited traps and other mechanical solutions are ineffective. Many rodenticides are inhumane and pose significant health risks to people, pets, and wildlife. In a crowded professional setting, these drawbacks are major deal-breakers. Thankfully, our team here at EcoClear Products has developed an alternative.

No more rats!

Our MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ products are humane and highly-effective rodenticides that are both eco-friendly and 100% safe to use around people, pets, and other wildlife. They work by coating a rodent’s stomach lining to block signals sent to the brain, thus stopping the rodent from eating and drinking. This leads to dehydration, circulatory failure, and eventual death. For rodents, the process feels just like falling asleep. As added benefit, our products contain active ingredients that catalyze a mummification process in deceased rodents, reducing decay and odor by as much as 90%.

Follow the links given here to learn more about our revolutionary MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ products, and use our Store Locator to find a EcoClear Products retailer near you. Have questions about rodent control in your office building or commercial space? We’d love to help out. Contact us to speak with a member of our team today!

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