MouseX® Wood Traps

Are you looking for a safe, humane, and highly-effective way to exterminate rodents? Made from the highest quality materials available, MouseX Wood Traps are built to help you take care of the rat problem, wherever it is. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of this incredible product, and browse our full line of eco- and pet-friendly rodenticides solutions here at EcoClear Products!

Why MouseX® Wood Traps?

MouseX® Wood Trap is a small durable wood trap that is perfect for use around the house for customers looking for an effective trap against mice. It can be used with RatX® Attractant spray to attract mice to the trap. You can rely on this easy-to-use trap to help you exterminate your mouse infestation. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Wooden mouse traps have been long proven to be one of the best solutions for capturing rodents that have infested our home or office. Rats and mice are able to squeeze through the smallest spaces and cracks to invade your space and spread disease or chew through wires and cause other damage.

RatX™ Ready Trays

How do MouseX® Wood Traps Work?

These wood traps are simple to set up! Simply set the trap, add bait, and place in a high-traffic area. Mice usually like to travel along walls, so it usually works well to place the trap along a wall or wherever you find mouse droppings. Optionally, you can use RatX® Attractant Spray to help attract mice to the trap location.

RatX™ Ready-To-Use Pre-Measured Bait Trays

Where to Buy MouseX® Wood Traps

MouseX® Wood Traps are coming soon and will be available for purchase late Q4 2018.


Can these traps be reused?

The MouseX® Wood Traps are disposable or reusable depending on your preference. You should always wear disposable gloves when handling traps once a mouse has been caught to maintain hygiene.

What bait should be used?

We recommend anything high in protein such as peanut butter or chocolate. Alternatively, you can use nesting materials such as string or thread.

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