What is the Best Bait for Mouse Traps?

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So, you’re dealing with mice. Eliminating these tiny, resilient rodents in your home or business can be difficult, as you may already know. Historically, the most effective mouse extermination methods have been centered around bait. These methods usually fall into one of two categories. First, there are the rodenticides (rodent poisons). These products both lure mice with attractive tastes and smells and exterminate with them active ingredients. Second, there are bait-and-trap systems. These systems involve a type of bait such as human food or mouse pellets, as well as a mechanical trap to exterminate the mouse once it takes the bait.

While both mouse traps and rodenticides can be effective, they have historically been hit-or-miss when it comes to ideal mouse extermination. In this article, our experts at EcoClear Products discuss the shortcomings of traditional mouse bait. We also provide information on our very own MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ products. Eco-friendly, humane, and highly-effective, these rodent control solutions can be used in residential and commercial spaces to exterminate mice and rats the right way. Read on learn more, and shop with our experts today!

Image result for mouse cheeseThings to Consider When Picking Your Bait

Before opting for any rodent extermination, you’ll want to be sure to weight all necessary factors. When selecting bait, effectiveness should always be at the top of your priorities list. Effective baits not only have to exterminate rodents once consumed — they also have to attract and lure rodents to make consumption happen in the first place. Effectiveness shouldn’t be the only factor on your list, however. If possible, you’ll want to choose baits that are safe for the environment and those under your roof. Many rodenticides on the market pose serious health risks for both people and animals if consumed, and are unwise to use in settings with children and pets. As a last consideration, you’ll want to choose bait or bait-and-trap setups that exterminate rodents as humanely as possible. Sadly, many rodenticides on the market do not kill rodents humanely. You can learn more about the drawbacks of common rodenticides in the sections below.

DIY Difficulties

When faced with a number of bait choices, professional recommendations, store-bought options, and a host of other factors during the mouse bait selection process, it can be tempting to opt for the DIY route to save yourself time, money, and headache. While DIY bait-and-trap setups can be effective at luring and exterminating mice, they rarely work as advertised. Often, do-it-yourselfers find themselves experimenting more than exterminating, which can lead to lost time and money — not to mention lost peace of mind. Continue on for recommendations on professional products that actually work, and tips on which products to avoid.

Issues With Common Rodenticides

There are several common rodenticides (rodent poisons) on the market today. While convenient in the sense that they are “all-in-one” rodent extermination solutions, many of the rodenticides available today also come with a host of drawbacks. There are products that are simply ineffective at luring or exterminating mice. Worse, there are other products that cause damage to the environment, pose serious health risks to people and pets, and kill rodents inhumanely. These products include rodenticides containing anticoagulants.

Anticoagulants work by interrupting the normal blood clotting process (called coagulation), causing life forms dosed to suffer uncontrolled internal bleeding and eventually die. Not only is this an extremely painful for rodents — it will also have the same effect on other animals upon ingestion. To make matters worse, there are several other non-anticoagulant chemicals used in many of today’s rodenticides that can also be toxic to pets, people, and wildlife. These include bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and zinc phosphide.

The Benefits of MouseX®

If you are searching for eco-friendly and highly-effective mouse bait alternative to common rodenticides, there is no better choice than MouzeX®. Formulated with all-natural ingredients that attract mice and rats, MouseX® catalyzes a humane extermination process that works efficiently to exterminate rodents within days. Upon ingestion, active ingredients in MouseX® coat the rodent’s stomach lining, blocking all messages sent between the stomach and the brain. This causes the rodent to stop eating and drinking, leading to dehydration, circulatory failure, and eventual death. For the rodent, the process feels like nothing more than falling asleep. Best of all, MouseX® is 100% biodegradable and 100% safe if ingested by people, non-rodent pets, or wildlife.

RatX® and RatRid™

In addition to MouseX® our eco-friendly pest control team here at EcoClear Products also has two other products lines — RatX® and RatRid™ — that can be used to effectively eliminate rodents in residential and commercial spaces. “Rat” may be in their names, but both RatX® and RatRid™ are incredibly effective at both attracting and exterminating mice as well as rats. These products can be used to lure and exterminate mice in a number of spaces. For extra luring power, we recommend using RatX Rat and Mouse Attractant™, which can be sprayed over existing baits and traps to increase their effectiveness at drawing in mice and rats.

Shop Eco-Friendly and Highly-Effective Mouse Bait With Us

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